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Diamond Painting

Reduced price! Diamond painting - Giant canvas - Entrance to the bamboo grove No.581

Diamond painting - Giant canvas - Entrance to the bamboo grove No.581

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Diamond painting is the folding of stones into a mosaic prepared on a self-adhesive template. To create an image of stones, just stick beads. Everything is available in a ready-made set.

More details

Velikost 95x185cm
Shape of stones Square
Filling Full

Decorate your living room, bedroom or children's room with your own creatively created image. All you need is a pre-printed image, on which you stick colored stones with the help of a special pencil.

Diamond painting is a creative and relaxing activity that takes hours of time, but the result is really worth it, because you will have a hand-made painting that you can be proud of.

The canvas is covered with a protective foil, which is exposed when you pick up the individual stones for gluing with the tip of a pencil. You choose the stones according to the codes on the bags and on the canvas. If the foil is completely exposed, there is a risk of drying or dusting of the adhesive layer of the canvas.


Material: stones + canvas

Type of stones: square

Size: 95 x 185 cm (approx. 5 cm edge)

Filling: full

Package contains:

1 canvas with printed pattern

set of tools (pen, bowl, wax, stones)

Production of diamond painting:

1. Open the box and check that the diamond stones are complete
2. You can find their codes by the color of the diamond made of resin. Choose and prepare one color for the bowl. If the same color is glued, this can increase the rate of formation
3. Find the corresponding color codes on the canvas and start sticking them
4. In order for the diamond painting to be stable, you can load it with books for a while after finishing the work
5. Picture can be framed (frame not included)


This is a DIY diamond painting, so it is an unfinished picture that you have to finish yourself. The package does not contain a frame.

Suitable for children from 9 years

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