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Matubo™ 10/0

MATUBO™ 10/0 SEED BEADS - No.205

New product

: 102 Items

30,58 Kč

MATUBO cylinder beads

Size 10/0 - diameter 2.1 mm x length 1.7 mm

Bead hole size: 0.9 mm

Price for 5 g (approx. 500 pcs)

Color 00030-28001 (CRYSTAL MAREA)

More details

New MATUBO™ 10/0 SEED BEADS 10/0 in size: 10/0, diameter: 2.1 mm x 1.7 mm with hole: 0.9 mm.

Color: 00030-28001 (CRYSTAL MAREA)

Czech Matubo glass beads are pressed very precise seed beads made to match the Japanese uniformity of size and shape. The large hole and thin walls allow more thread stitching, making them ideal for a lot of beading techniques, bead sewing and even wire projects.

Made in Czech Republic

Material: glass

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