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MP Preciosa™ Rokajl 10/0 (10g)

New MP Preciosa™ Rokajl 10/0 No 439 (10g)

MP Preciosa™ Rokajl 10/0 No 439 (10g)

New product

: 84 Items

12,40 Kč

Glass Czech beads - production program

Size: 10/0 - 2.3 mm

Color: 38617

More details

Czech glass beads Rocailles Preciosa - production program in the highest quality.

Thanks to the price and wide choice of colours, they are suitable for many beading techniques such as embroidery of pictures, stringing, weaving bracelets and crocheting from beads where absolute precision is not required as with Japanese beads.

Colour: 38617

Size: 10/0 - 2.3 mm (2.2 - 2.4 mm)

Gap: approx. 0.8 mm

Price per approx. 10 g

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